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Daily Learning – Are You a Lazy Person? Probably Not.

Everyone is lazy. Everyone is hard working.


Daily Learning – The Importance of Sleep in Learning

Are you getting enough sleep?

Daily Learning – Should You Accept an Offer of Either Tea or Coffee in a Serious Meeting?

An offer for coffee or tea - to accept or not to accept?

Daily Learning – The “Do Something” Principle

"Action isn't just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it."

Daily Learning – You Are in the Middle of a Forrest and Lost, Now What?

A survival tips if you ever find yourself lost in the middle of a forrest.

Daily Learning – Beer Belly, but Is Beer Really to Blame?

About beer and beer-belly.

Daily Learning – Negotiating Trick

A simple negotiating trick when buying something from a store.

Daily Learning – A Business Strategy

A simple strategy to build trust between a business and its customers.

Daily Learning – Perception

Change your perception, and change yourself.

Diversity and Inclusion Week!

Unity in Diversity!

Picking Up From Where I Left Off

An attempt to revive this blog, but in a different direction.

Unattended Flower

Day #23

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