This week in Monash University we are held Diversity and Inclusion Week to celebrate the diverse community and to strengthen inclusiveness in culture.

The event is held within the University ground featuring many activity vents from different cultures like Japanese and African drum performance, live Indian Sitar music, and the highlight of the whole events (according to me) is the free different food from a different country origin every single day for the whole week. Now I don’t have to cook for my lunch anymore. Yay for (food) diversity!

Coincidentally (probably not), the topic for one of my lecture this week is about how to manage diversity in workplace!  What makes this particular lecture special this week is because it’s align with the university event and also because it’s was started by playing a video from the TV series The Office. Here’s the video:

Now I’m not sure which is worse; that this video actually makes the class a little bit awkward and uncomfortable because there were some Indian students present or the fact that I am one of the few that actually laughed and snorted every now and then about the racist and sexist jokes in the video.

–  Bhinneka Tunggal Ika  –