The last time I posted a blog post was almost 6 months ago in March 2017, and now we are already in August 2017 and I have just finished watching Game of Thrones Season 7 finale.

The last time I posted a blog post I was in Indonesia with my parents just in the next room. Right now I am by myself renting a single room in a shared house in Melbourne, Australia, a continent away from my family. I am back being a student, pursing Master of Business in Monash University.

The last time I posted a blog post I didn’t know how to cook a proper food for myself. Even to boil some water I need to use an electronic kettle because I didn’t know how to use a stove. I knew how to cook an egg in theory but never actually do it. Back home, food was always nearby and prepared either by my house maid or my mum. If nobody’s cooking for the day, my next door neighbor is a well-known traditional restaurant where I can reach within shouting distance (I know the staffs well enough) to order some food without the need to even open my front door.

Now forced by circumstances, I am now do a weekly groceries, which I never done before back in Indonesia or back then when I studied in Malaysia. In Malaysia, I can still easily find affordable-student-budget-food to eat out everyday, but in Australia eating out daily can be very costly. Here in Australia I learnt how to use the stove and oven. Here in Australia I learn how to cook myself some decent (and surprisingly delicious) meal for myself.

Turns out I found myself really enjoy cooking even though my food presentation is kind of below average. Well, I guess once it goes into your mouth and stomach it doesn’t really matter as long it’s delicious and at the very least doesn’t look disturbing, right? But I guess, food presentation will just come naturally with more practices and experiences.

As of now, I am planning to turn this blog into some kind of a diary of how my days are here in Australia. Actually, that is exactly the whole point this blog even exist. I learnt that people here in Australia have opinion about almost everything and they tend speak it out, even to that stranger who sit next to you in the bus on your ride home. I think I am the opposite of that, which is why, those unspoken opinion (slightly filtered) will goes into this blog I titled What is Inside Johann’s Head?