So I just found out there is a thing called Daily Prompt here in WordPress. Every single day it will give a topic to write about and post a blog responding to the prompt. This like a kind of a challenge or an assignment but without any rules attached to it. You can give your response, or even contradict it writing about why you won’t ever write anything related to a random prompt because it just will not suit your blog theme. I’m on the other hand find the idea very exciting; to find thousands of bloggers out there giving their own unique response regarding one mutual word.

Okay, my first day participating in this Daily Prompt thing. And today’s daily prompt word is… Lush. Okay, what the hell, am I already stuck on the very first day? Not good, definitely not good. And to think people around the world can get many different inspirations based from only this one word.. Lush.

Lush… Lush… The first thing that popped into my head when I read the word was an image of grass. Thick, long, and tall grass field. What once used to be an empty field is now full with greens. Just like a savanna grassland that full of greens instead of browns. Lush is being able to grow without anything holding you back, spreading your wings, living driven free by your nature, without any care, without anything holding you back.

Now I’m thinking about bonsai trees. Those kind of tress that looks very huge but actually quite small. Bonsai trees are weird. I don’t know anything about how to take care a bonsai. In the movie people will cut and tie its branches, manipulating the growth of the tree to shape their imagination of how the tree should be into reality. I used to wonder, and still until now, what if you just let that bonsai tree grow following its nature? Yes, you still take care of it, manipulating it in a way by watering it or giving it fertilizers but not by holding its growth or directing where it should grow. At least to me, that is the real nature of the word lush at least in the context of vegetation.

I know, lush also means sexually attractive, but I just cannot relate with that. If someone describe a woman to me using the word lush, I’m quite sure will think that she’s a human vegetable that full of leafs (maybe full of hair in this case).

Kinda funny how the word Lush means flourishing and attractive but it also means being a drunkard. Huh..