If I list down all of my bad behaviors and habits it will definitely make quite a long list, and procrastination would be around the top of that list. Well, yeah, I procrastinate a lot. I procrastinate if I know I can get away with it. Procrastination is like postponing on doing something. Today is a public holiday for Thaipusam, a religious ceremony in Hinduism, so I don’t need to wake up early today and that knowledge made me postponed my sleep yesterday night until 5 AM reading random Quora questions and answers.

Even this very post was written after one whole day of procrastination involving waking up late, lunch, the whole season of Rick and Morty season 2, two naps, dinner, and hours of chatting with friends. The idea of what to write I already have since I woke up this morning and I’m starting to write it down now around 1 AM in the morning, which is already considered as the next day, because I know I need to hit the pillow soon and I just can’t postpone writing this blog any further.

I remember my mum once said this to me: If you were given a task, it is better to complete it as soon as possible. If your task have a time limit of 5 hour but you could complete it in 3 hours, it is better to finish it in 3 hours. This will show that you’re a competent and efficient person. Okay, I see her point. But then, if the next time I need to do the same task again my time limit would be 3 hours instead of 5 hours since it would be based on previous work. Don’t you think it’s a bit risky? What if this time I have a massive diarrhea and stuck in the toilet for an hour? Or there’s an alien invasion threatening to enslave the earth that requires my support? Nothing so irrational, but you get what I’m trying to say here, right?

Back in college, I studied a little bit of marketing. In marketing I learned that if you are given one million dollar to use for a campaign you better make sure to spend every cent of that million dollar, maybe even ask for me if you can get away with it. This is because your next campaign budget will be based on how much you spent on the previous campaign. I know, I know. The method is not applicable for everything, and procrastination is bad bad bad. This is just one of my excuse to justify myself if someone ever ask why I procrastinate a lot.