Do you believe in ghosts?

Let just say that you don’t believe in ghosts or anything that even slightly related to paranormal activities. With the rise of science, skepticism, secularism, and public education, it is just weird that people are still believe in paranormal entities and superstitions, right?

But imagine a scenario where you are someone who don’t believe in such thing as ghost and you are in a grand adventure to explore the world. It is almost and you found yourself at an entrance to a forest that you need to cross to be able to reach the next village before dark.

If a villager come running out from the forest saying there are ghosts and spirits in there and it’s safer to continue your journey in the morning, would you believe him? Well, of course you wouldn’t.

Let say, instead of one, there are five villagers come running out from the forest and said it’s not safe because of ghosts and spirits and it’s safer to continue your journey in the morning, would you believe them? Nope, you still wouldn’t.

Now let just say there are twenty villagers come running out from the forest and said the forest is not safe because of ghosts and spirits are roaming the night and it’s better to continue your journey when the sun is high and the sky is bright, would you believe them? And for the sake of the story, let just say that you still wouldn’t believe them because ghosts and spirits are in the stories for children.

But the real question is, would you still enter that forest that night, alone, or wait until the next morning to continue your grand adventure? I for one would just call it a day and continue the journey the next morning. Obviously, it is not because I’m scared of dark or ghosts or anything…*ahem*…Just that I would enjoy the scenery more when it’s bright. Yeah, let just leave it at that.

Every nation and every culture have their own unique belief of something supernatural and superstitions. Here is one superstition that I don’t entirely believe but better safe than sorry about:

See or hear or smell something unusual.

From what I have been told, if you’re the lucky one (I’d say unlucky) to accidentally see something that you’re not suppose to be able to see, it’s better to just ignore it. Don’t maintain eye contact, don’t point at it, or even attempt to touch or talk to it. Just pretend there’s nothing there and move away.

If you heard something from anything that isn’t there, usually like children’s laughter or crying voice (and you’re very sure there are no children around), then it is better to just ignore it and move away. They say if the voice is soft it means that the source is close to you and if the voice is loud it means that the source is far from you.

If you smell something unusual like flowers, incenses, or something dead (fart), it means there’s something near you or maybe it’s just passing by and it’s better to just ignore it. This is the kind of situation if when me and friends smell something really bad like someone’s fart but nobody said they have farted, we usually just close the discussion and move on to an entirely different topic.

Have you ever experienced a sleep paralysis? Well, I have. One of the scariest moment in my life (so far); the only thing I can do was breathing through my nose (can’t open my mouth) and moving my eyeballs to look around. It lasted only around 3 minutes. People claimed they saw dark figure(s) just across the room from them or on top of them which they believe is the cause of their sleep paralysis. In my experience, there was nothing as such (luckily). There’s a scientific explanation behind sleep paralysis if you haven’t know about it yet. Somehow sleep paralysis will only occur to me if I sleep like a starfish laying up. Weird.