It was a really warm day outside. Not only that, even the air was way too humid than normal. Thinking about having an slow long stroll out in the open sound like the worst idea for one to have at the moment. What the hell was he thinking when he decided to step out from the comfort embrace of his home? Minutes felt like hours under the scorching sun as he walked trying to find a place to rest; to relax his tired legs and dry the sweats from his back. There was a new coffee shop just opened last few days at the corner just up ahead. For the time being, the place just have to suffice.

It was a vintage coffee shop both in the architecture and the design. Obviously, the owner was still living in the past unable to let go of the traditional and embrace the modern era. A small bell attached at the top corner of the door rang irritatingly as he pushed the door and entered the shop. The shop was filled with the smell of strong coffee and baked cakes. The walls decorated with very old photos and outdated portraits. The coffee bar was neatly placed for easy access right after the entrance with few small and big tables here and there. The cafe was half empty. Near the cashier, a woman turned to face the exit as she took her coffee from the barista.

She was a sight to behold. Her hair was midnight-black and it flowed over her shoulder. She had honey sweet lips that looks like blossoms from where he stood. Her eyebrows were slender sitting like a crown just above her deep brown eyes. She wore a bright yellow t-shirt, a pale blue jeans, and a black shoes with a childish quirk around her elegant persona. Gorgeous would be an understatement. That moment was a love at first sight. Turned out the day was not truly bad after all.


There was no other day that could be as perfect. The sun was sky high in the sky basking anything anyone it can lay its eyes upon. Not a slightest sense of regret come into her mind as she inhaled the freshest of air and strolling in between the most vibrant of shops and houses the city has to offer. It has been hours since she started her mindless stroll but it felt only like it was just a moment ago. Perhaps a short break is in order. There was a new open cafe just opened a few days ago at the corner just up ahead. A perfect opportunity to give the place a try.

It was a vintage coffee shop both in the architecture and the design. The coffee shop’s traditional outlook was indeed a very welcoming sight in this era of digital and technology. A bell’s soft ring was heard as she pushed the door and entered the shop. A rich aroma of fresh coffee and baked goods enveloped her as soon as she stepped inside. The shop was rectangle shaped it walls decorated with historic photos and portraits of the world’s famous leaders. The coffee bar was on the left side upon entering the door with three small wooden round tables for two in front of the bar and two wooden long tables for six at the back; both long tables were fully occupied. Apparently, she was the 100th customer for that day and she was allowed pick a cup of any coffee she wished from the menu; on the house. The day just couldn’t be anymore perfect.

A cup of coffee at hand, she turned to leave toward the exit. There, standing in front of the door, a stranger was petrified gawking at her. A man, staring a little too intense some would consider it rude. His hair was oil-black, messy and tangled at the length of his almost non-existence neck. His deep black eyes motioned slightly as if they were following all her movements. He wore a light blue shirt, or rather, a once light blue shirt since most of it had turned into dark blue obviously drenched by his sweats. He wore an over-sized short brown pants and black slippers. There were something alarming about the man; a little too tense, a little too nervous, a little too twitchy to her liking. Turned out the day was not so perfect after all.