Well, this is really suck. I am having a writer’s block. I have read a little bit about this thing online and found that some people claimed it is some kind of disease that only creative workers succumb to, some even said it is a curse. HAH! Nonsense! I know it’s only a joke. Although I slowly creeping towards an agreement with those views. I guess today I will just analyze my train of thought as here I found myself just sitting in front of my keyboard and almost screen without any good idea to write about. This mean I will just write anything what come crossed my mind without dismissing anything.

Let’s talk about music because right now I just happen to blasting a full volume The Sound of Silence by Disturbed through my brother’s gaming headset. You know, if someone happen to ask me what my favorite music or favorite band is I would give them a blank face because I don’t have any. Really, even right now when I think of it, nothing come to mind. I took a peek into my playlist in Spotify and it looks like a weird combination range of music; a mixed up from Metallica, System of a Down, Black Sabbath etc. to Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. I play them in shuffle.

Now here’s something new I found about myself lately. I really enjoy listening to music while I write. On other things I do however, I prefer to do them in silent, even for mindless task like sweeping the floor or washing my dishes. Somehow, I find it distracting as it keeps pulling my  attention to the lyrics if it’s a song or the melody if it’s an instrumental.

Another thing is, since I have actually started this 180 Blog Posts in 180 Days Challenge thingy, I now find it to be easier said than done. This is what I get when I just start doing without looking forward, just like throwing myself off a cliff without a parachute just because I want to learn how to fly like a soaring eagle. Do I regret it? Well, not at all, for now. I actually really enjoy it, but I just loathe this writer’s block; to feel wanting to write but don’t know what to write about. Let’s see how long can I keep this up until I turn this challenge into writings filled with my ranting about how bad my day was.