Once upon a time in a distant land far far away, there was a village it’s name long forgotten. One day, a baby boy was born and the village was filled with endless joy as this child-birth was the first in so many many years. Even among the oldest of the villagers, in innumerable years of their life, they have never heard such sound as a baby’s cry. Thus the boy was named Marnin which means ‘one who creates joy’ in the lost language of the village because just by existing the boy brought bliss to everyone around him.

However, there were no other child-birth after that and despite the meaning of his name, Marnin did not find such glee in his young years. Being the only child in the village, Marnin craved for attentions; to have someone to play with and to be understood. Unfortunately, his loneliness and immaturity had filled Marnin’s head with mischief; he pulled pranks, caused many annoyances and troubles, and even injuries.

One day, a terrible disease plagued the village. At that time Marnin was still an adolescent and because of his feeble body of a child and the villagers lack of knowledge on how to treat a child, he did not survive the tragedy.

In the afterlife, Marnin found himself at the crossroad between Heaven and Hell. The road on his left was filled with soft grass, types of flowers and trees with fruits both known and unknown to him. This was the road to Heaven. The other road on his right was filled with hard pebbles, scorching fires and dark chasms and abysses. This was the road to Hell.

Near the road split, there was an angel surrounded by an almost blinding rays of light. There she stood but there was no ground beneath her. Her eyes were clear and soft but focused. Her lips were soft and smooth but shown no smile nor frown. Her simple robe was white without blemish and on her back spread two bright feathered wings each at her sides.

As Marnin reached the end of the crossroad, the angel stopped him, and asked:

“Is your name Marnin?”


“Marnin, where do you wish to go?”

“I wish to go and enter the Heaven where everything is perfect and everyone lives forever in absolute never-ending bliss.”

When she heard this the angel faced down and looked directly into Marnin’s eyes, and said:

“Marnin, I have watched you ever since you were born and have witnessed all your deeds while you were alive. You days were full of mischief; you told tales that are not true, you took into possession what are not originally yours. With all these unwelcome deeds, why should I welcome you into the gate of Heaven?”

Having heard what the angel have said, Marnin felt his face became pale because he knew that the angel have spoken the truth.

Marnin said:

“I have misbehaved and have caused great displeasure to everyone in my village. I regret all these actions with all my heart, but I believe there were also goodness in my life.”

The angel’s hard eyes soften, and with a small nod from the angel, Marnin continued:

“Everyday for my whole life, I smiled to everyone I crossed path with and have done so ever since I opened my eyes.”

The angel finally smiled at Marnin and said:

“Yes. Smiling. A small yet significant gesture. Your constant smile is your own way in creating happiness. Your smile makes the heaviest of burdens bearable. Your smile makes the darkest of days brighter. Such a small deed yet it pales all of your wrongs.

Marnin, I welcome you to the Kingdom of Heaven.”