Lately during my free time I have done some reading about programming and coding, not wholly on how to code but also about people’s journey in learning the practice. Of all those reading however, one blog stands out compared to others; Jennifer Dewalt’s blog about how she learned how to code and improve her passion by building 180 websites in 180 days!

So I found myself thinking, “Why don’t I try do a similar project like hers but about blog posts instead of websites?”. Thus, I decided this very blog serves as the homepage of my so-called writing project which I will undertake for the next 179 days. I have also decided that today is day #1 of the project as this blog is also serves as a the project introduction (already lazy on the first day, this project does not look promising at all).

Maybe writing is not at the top of the list of my hobby but I do love reading with a special place in my heart for fantasy novels. An avid daydreamer since young age until now, I love to imagine a totally different world than our own; a world of might and magic, of dungeons and dragons. Although, reading lines of witty banters between characters is what I love above all; to be able to smile just from reading multiple combinations of 26 alphabets characters written in lines and rows on layers of papers and glued together to become what we called a book.

I picked up writing so I can make others feel the same through my own style of writing.

180 blog posts in 180 days.

Day 23 Unattended Flower.

Day 22 100 Word Story: Denial.

Day 21 100 Word Story: Paranoia.

Day 20 Dreaming Delight.

Day 19 Hate.

Day 18 Don’t Tell Daddy.

Day 17 Silence Speaks.

Day 16 2017 Expectations.

Day 15 For My Valentine, a Poem.

Day 14 Lukewarm, a Poem.

Day 13 Hidden Gem, a Poem.

Day 12 My First Job.

Day 11 Lush – What Popped in My Head.

Day 10 Procrastination.

Day 9 Random Rant.

Day 8 Superstition.

Day 7 Values.

Day 6 Fear.

Day 5 Beauty and the Beast.

Day 4 Writer’s Block.

Day 3 A Question to Ponder About.

Day 2 Smile!

Day 1 Introduction