So I was taking my long hot shower like the usual when this thought crossed my mind: What if all this time during shower you found so many bright (and weird) ideas is because you’re actually doing semi meditation. Somehow this makes sense to me because often I just stand there under the hot steaming shower, my hands on the wall, eyes closed, and I just let my mind roam free grabbing anything that comes to its notice. This time it led me to meditation.

It’s true we have been practicing meditation for thousands of years and many people, men and women, rich and poor, young and old, have adopted and make it as their lifestyle. For generations and by so many groups and individuals, meditation must be very beneficial else people will stop doing it, right? Meditation can reduces stress, improves concentrations, increases self-awareness, and many more. Whoa, so much benefits just from what looks like just sitting down with weird pose with your eyes closed and trying hard not to fall asleep!

A few days ago I read an article about this man, Ryan Paugh, who went to Myanmar to do Vipassana Meditation. The meditation method will require you to wake up at 4:30am, 10 hours of meditation, and sleep. All of these with no speaking, no reading, no writing, no listening to music, and even no eye contact with other attendees. Just the thought of doing that amount of meditation with no other activities already make me squirm with unease. The good news is, Ryan said he found his inner voice on his 4th day that he called his “internal navigation system” that he turn to every time he’s in need of guidance. Okay, to be honest, that is so freaking cool! It’s like to have your own personalized Siri installed inside your mind and body.

Bartender: What do you wanna have tonight?

Johann: *thinking* maybe I shouldn’t take any beer tonight, just juice or something.

Inner Voice: *Beers will make you fat anyway. Let’s have some Tequila shots instead!”

Johann: Mr. Bartender, 5 shots of Tequilas, please!

When your inner voice just understand you so much. Like I said; So. Freaking. Cool!

And so after a lot of reading regarding meditation and its benefits, I decided to try it for myself. I was so excited! After dinner, the time I don’t have any other responsibilities and obligations to take care of, I set my room to be in comfortable and silent state for my meditation. Sitting on the floor for too long will hurt my bum and so I decided to meditate on my bed, cross legged, half of my body from hip to toe wrapped with blanked (because I easily get cold feet, literally), play some very slow music on Spotify with the lowest volume and I was set to begin. So I closed my eyes.

Dark. Blank. Empty.

Like the tips I read beforehand I emptied my mind, some thoughts came to mind I recognized it and then let it go. I tried to keep mind as empty as possible, as clear as possible. I measured time passed using how many songs have passed. 1 songs, 3 songs, 5 songs until I just stopped counting. It was so quiet, so peaceful, and deeper into the darkness I fell.

The next thing I remembered was a really sharp ring snapped me up. My phone alarm. It was set to be automatically ring every morning. I fell asleep. So much about finding your pre-installed personalized Siri, huh?

Will I meditate again in the future?