Have you ever want to go on a quest to slay a dragon 10 times your size and craft a sword from its teeth and bone, armors from its skin and scales, and wear its head as a hat? If yes, then we have a similar gaming taste and Monster Hunter Generations (MHG) is just the right action game for you!

I purchased MHG last week and have been playing it for every single day. I counted it’s already 8 days and I have already put in 78 hours into game. That means I have been playing on average 9.75 hours per day everyday. Johann, what the fuck? Yes, I actually said it out loud to myself as I writing this sentence. It’s very disturbing to found out how unhealthy my lifestyle has become for the last 8 days. I think I found too much satisfaction in slaying dragons and mutilating their heads and wings. What a sicko!

Although, hunting for monsters is not MHG is all about. I do take normal quests every once in awhile like harvest mushrooms, hunt for fresh meats, go fishing, and collecting spider webs to be woven into nets.  Those mushrooms are ingredients to brew some deadly poisons. Net is one of the materials to craft a pit-fall trap. Fresh meats are to be put as baits on the already set pit-fall trap. Fish are your substitute for snacks while waiting for a dragon to take the bait and fall into the pit. Well, it’s all about slaying monsters after all.

The cute part is you will have some cats from a race called Felyne as your companions. These cats can do everything you ask them from taking care of your house, cook your meal, collect your stuffs, and even go on a hunt with you. Wow, talk about domestic animal abuse! PETA is watching you Capcom!

Here’s a picture of one of the Felynes! Isn’t it just too cute?!